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St. Malo area in France
     In 1758-59, ships brought over 3000 Acadians from the Ile St. Jean & Ile Royale areas to France. They were unloaded at the port of St. Malo.  Many of them settled in the area for the next 26 years.  Some moved to other areas of France.  The town names on the map below will show up in many Acadian records of the period.  In 1785, a number of Acadians from this area boarded the Ville d'Archangel and sailed for Louisiana.

     Below is a close-up (modern-day) map of the area of the St. Malo port area.  At the bottom of the page is a more encompassing view of France.

St. Malo area of France
The map to the right shows all of France.  The area that is enlarged (above) is pointed out for you.

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France showing St. Malo area

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