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St. Jehan

    The only passenger ship list that we have from this era comes from the St. Jehan, which left France on April 1, 1636.  We find 3 of the passengers on this ship in the 1671 census.  
     This page gives you a transcription of the passenger list, as well as a graphic of the list itself (large graphics may take a while to load). 
Sailing Ship

Transcription of the passenger list of the St. Jehan, April 1, 1636.
Nicollas LeCREUX, with his wife and her sisters, Anne MORIN.  
Claude MORIN, her brother  
Jehan MORIN, another brother  
Jehanne MORIN, the sister  
Jacquelin de GLAINCE, their cousin  
Jehanne BILLARD, maid for the family  
Jehan CHALUMEAU and wife, husbandman  
George MIGOT and wife, husbandman  
Jehan HYECHTIER and wife, husbandman  
Simon MERLIN and wife, husbandman  
Jehan PERICAUDS and wife, husbandman  
Jehan GUIOT and wife, husbandman  
Nicollas BAGOLLE and wife  
Allaire BICAN and wife, husbandman  
Jehan DONNON, carpenter of the mill at Paris  
Roch ROCHE', carpenter, also from Paris  
Martin LEDOUX, carpenter from Paris  
Tibault de TOUCHES and wife with three children, from the Parish Bourguel, near Chinon, husbandman  
Pierre MARTIN, Laborer, with his wife and one child, from Bourguel  
Jehan MANGONNEAU, laborer, with wife and one child, from Bourguel  
The widow PERIGUALT with her sons Michel and Julien, laborers, from Bourguel  
Adrian BENAISTON, Laborer, from Bourguel  
Julian AURY, laborer  
Pierre le MOINNE, from Bourguel  
Noel TRANCHANT, husbandman  
Guillaume TRAHAN, marshal of Trachant, with wife and two children and a valet, all from Bourguel  
Louis DENIAU, from Chinon, cabinet maker  
Telyre TATTE, from Chinon, tailor  
Daniel CHICHERAN, tailor  
Jehan DANJOU, from Chinon, husbandman  
Michel GALLANT, husbandman   
Jehgan VACHE', from Chinon, cobbler  
Louis BLANCHARD, grower of wine grapes  
Pierre PAQUIS, master gunsmith  
Aime' GUIOT, laborer of Paris  
Andre' BACONNEAU, husbandman of Paris  
Francois GUION, baker  
Gille DIONNE, gardener of Paris 

The following are carpenters who came to Acadia to build boats.  
Jouanis DESTIQUY, master in charge  
Jouanis de HAUSQUIN  
Jehan de LAFAYE  
Bernard BUGUARE  
Jouanis LEVERT 

Abraham DOISTICH, carpenter as all above  
Sainct MARTIN dit GASCON, sailer  
Names of Sauniers (salt makers) who came to colonize the land.  
Rhene' ARQUANGE, sailor 
Jehan SANDRE, and his wife, leader of Sauniers  
Pierre GABORY, assistant leader from la Rochelle  
Francois BAUDRY  
Pierre BRAULT 


Graphic of the passenger list of the St. Jehan, on April 1, 1636.
Passenger List of the St. Jehan, p.1
Passenger List of the St. Jehan, p.2
Passenger List of the St. Jehan, p.3
Passenger List of the St. Jehan, p.4

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