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The Best
  • Acadian-Cajun Genealogy & History (Hebert)
    This site - The Acadian material is mainly pre-exile and it includes Louisiana Acadian material.
  • Acadian Home (Consentino)
    While I have spent the last decade working on church business, Linda has been busy adding more and more content. The site is concentrated on Acadian material - pre and post deportation, but there are a few things on Louisiana Acadians.
  • Acadian Genealogy (Cyr)
    Yvon was an early presence online with Acadian genealogy. His site has become quite commercial, but there is still a lot of content there.

More Good Sites Books
  • Acadia (Edouard Richard)
  • Acadia (Andrew Clark Hill)
  • Acadia and Nova Scotia (Thomas Akins)
  • Acadian Miracle (Dudley LeBlanc)
  • The Acadians: Creation of a People (Naomi Griffiths)
  • The Acadians of the Maritimes (Jean Daigle)
  • The Acadians of Nova Scotia, Past and Present (Sally Ross and Alphonse Deveau)
  • Acadian Odyssey (Oscar Winzereling)
  • Beloved Acadia of My Ancestor (Yvon Leger)
  • History of the Acadians (Bona Arsenault)
  • History of Prince Edward Island (Duncan Campbell)
  • An Historical Sketch of the Acadians (George Bible)
  • Histoire de la Survivance Acadienne, 1755-1935 (Antoine Bernard)
  • Journal of a Voyage to Nova Scotia Made in 1731 (Robert Hale)
  • Life in Acadia (Stan Garrod and Rosemary Neering)
  • Scattered to the Wind: Dispersal and Wanderings of the Acadians, 1755-1809 (Carl Brasseaux)
  • The Story of the Acadians (Amy Boudreau)
  • True Story of the Acadians (Dudley LeBlanc)
          Some of these relate to the Acadians and their descendants. Most of the Louisiana periodicals tend to focus more on the settlement of the Acadians in Louisiana and the Cajun lineages.Most of the periodicals below come with membership in a genealogical society.
  • Acadian Genealogy Exchange
  • Acadiana Profile
  • La Societe Historique Acadienne (in French)
  • Le Baton Rouge
  • Les Voyagers
  • Louisiana Genealogical Register
  • Attakapas Gazette
  • Memoires du Bayou Lafouche
  • French-Canadian and Acadian Review
  • Genealogist (Amererican-Canadian Genealogy Society)
  • Memoires de la Societe Genealogique Canadienne-Francaise (in French)
  • Jambalaya
  • Kinfolks
  • New Orleans Genesis
  • La Raconteur
  • St. Mary Links
  • L' Heritage
  • Terrebonne Life Lines (Terrebonne Genealogical Society
A longer listing of books can be found at Acadian-Cajun Genealogical Books.

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