Acadian-Cajun Genealogy & History

Acadian Monuments

On Dec. 13, 2008, an Acadian monument was unveiled at Port LaJoye/Fort Amherst NHS to mark the deportation of Acadians from Ile St. Jean in 1758. The date was chosen because it was the 250th anniversary of the sinking of the Duke William.

Six other monuments set up to honor the anniversary of the Grand Derangement are at:

  • Dieppe (in memory of the resistance on the Petitcodiac river; 2005)
  • Halifax (in memory of the Acadians arrested and held at George Island; this was the beginning the deportation proceedings, 2005)
  • Saint-Basile (in memory of the Acadian migrations to Madawaska & Quebec, 2006)
  • Miramichi (in memory of the Camp de l’Espérance, 2006)
  • Caraquet (in memory of Acadian settlement of the Acadian peninsula & Ste-Anne-du-Bocage, 2007)
  • Miquelon (in memory of Acadian migration to the island, 2007).

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