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SOURCES of Acadian-Cajun Books

Hebert Publications (Rev. Donald Hebert)

    Rev. Hebert is not on-line, but he carries quite a large selection of Acadian and Cajun books. I've listed the books in his catalog.
Acadian Genealogy Exchange (Janet Jehn)
    Mrs. Jehn is also not on-line, but I've listed her books on a page.
Frontier Press
    Since they are based in Galveston, Texas, they have a good selection of books associated with Louisiana and Cajuns.
Quintin Publications
    Quintin Publ. deals with French-Canadian material (including some Acadian stuff) in printed, microfilm and microfiche forms. They also have a great selection of old maps. If your genealogy takes you to eastern Canada, be sure to check them out.
Provincial Press
    Provincial Press handles genealogical books by Winston Deville.  They have their own website.
    Information on Mr. Deville's books, as well as the prices, are available at the site.
 Center for Louisiana Studies 

          This page lists the publications and prices of books produced by the center.
         Their books deal with various aspects of Louisiana, its history, and its people.

Acadian Museum, West Pubnico, Nova Scotia

         The museum sells a number of works on Acadian culture and history.

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