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History Timeline of the Acadians

Acadian History Timeline

    1604        The first settlers arrive in the Acadian area. They settle at St. Croix Island.
    1605        Port Royal, which will become the major town of Acadia, is settled.
    1607        De Mont's monopoly is revoked.
    1623        Biencourt dies and LaTour is in charge.
    1632        England and France are at peace (Re: Treaty of St. Germain-en-Laye). Razilly brings 300 men.
    1636        The St. Jehan arrives with settlers, including men AND women.
    1654        Sedgewick captures Acadia for England.
    1657          Thomas Temple is appointed governor and sails to Acadia.
    1666        France officially ceases the practice of sending colonists to New France.
    1667        England and France are at peace, again (Re: Treaty of Breda).
    1670        Grandfontaine arrives and formally takes control of Acadia for France.
    1671        The earliest surviving Acadian census is taken. The total count comes to 340 people.
    1672        Beaubassin, a town in northern Acadia, is founded about this time by Jacques Bourgeois.
    1682        Grand Pre, another major Acadian community, is founded about this time.
    1687        A churchis built (at Grand Pre).
    1690        Port Royal is captured by British forces led by Phipps.
    1697        England and France are at peace, again (Re: Treaty of Ryswick).
    1698        Pierre Thibodeau settles in the Chipoudy area.
    1701        The Acadian town of Petitcodiac is founded.
    1704        Another census finds a population of 1450 Acadians.
    1708        With the onset of Queen Anne's War, hostilities with the English restart.
    1710        Port Royal is taken by the British (for good) and renamed Annapolis Royal.
    1713        Acadia is 'permanently' given to the British after the Treaty of Utrecht.
    1730        The Acadians agree to sign a conditional oath.
    1749        2,576 settlers are brought to Acadia by the British. Halifax is founded.
    1750        LeLoutre gets the Indians to burn Beaubassin to get Acadians over to French territory.
    1755        The deportation(exile) of Acadians begins. Over 6,000 are deported in the first year.
                         Here is a more detailed timeline of the deportation events.
    1758        The Acadians who fled to Ile St. Jean and Ile Royale are rounded up and 3000+ are sent to France. Two of the ships are unseaworthy and sink ... hundreds of Acadians perish. The ones who make it to France initially settle in northwestern France, around St. Malo and Morlaix.
    1763        The war between the French and the British is over. Acadians who have survived the interrment in England are sent to France. Some Acadians try to return to Acadia (now Nova Scotia) and find their land settled by others.
    1764        The first Acadians (20) arrive in Louisiana from New York via Mobile.
    1765        The first Acadians begin to settle in Louisiana.
    1773        A census is taken in France that finds 2370 Acadians living there.
    1785        Spain provides 7 ships to carry over 1600 Acadians from France to Louisiana.
    1788        A small group of Acadians arrive in a small ship captained by Gravois.
    1881        The first Acadian national convention.

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