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    Throughout this website, you will find images of artworks from a number of Acadian-Cajun artists.  They have graciously given me permission to use their works to enhance the story of the Acadian and Cajun people.  I've put the images together on this one page to show you their fine work. Note that with all of these images, it will take a while to load everything. I've also tried to add information on acquiring a copy of the prints. 
     Please don't copy them.  They are the sole property of the artists.  It is not within my power to grant permission for you to use them.  Thanks.

Robert Dafford • Nelson Surette • Claude Picard • George Rodrigue • Azor Vienneau

Robert Dafford

     Robert Dafford [BIO] is known for painting murals world-wide, some specifically related to the Acadian-Cajun people.  He has also done a series of paintings on the Acadian-Cajun people.  You can find prints from that series for sale.  Checking with art galleries and gift shops in Lafayette would be your best bet at finding a copy.   He has had 3 websites over the past 12 years, but unfortunately they keep disappearing. You can find an archived version of his last site HERE.

The Expulsion of the Acadians (Grand Pre, 1755)

Acadians in the Harbor (Boston, 1755)

Quarantine at Ship Island (Philadelphia, 1755)

Acadians in the Snow (Maryland, 1758)

Acadian Prisoners of War (England, 1759)
Acadians in the Islands, Santo Domingo, 1764
Acadians in the Islands (Santo Domingo, 1764)

Searching for a Home (Bayou Courtableu, 1766)

The Arrival of the Acadians in Louisiana
This is one of his more recent works, completed in the mid 1990s at the Acadian Memorial in St. Martinville.
The 12x30' mural  represents the Acadian immigrants who came to Louisiana. Prints and a postcard version are available from the Memorial.

[Click on the image for a larger version.]

The Arrival of the Acadians (Bayou Teche, 1768)

Acadians on the St. John River (Madawaska, 1785)

The Port of Nantes in 1785
This work can be found in Nantes, France, and was done to commemorate the Acadians who were at Nantes. 
This 12x30' mural, a "twin" to the mural at the Acadian Memorial.   A postcard version is available from the Memorial

[Click on the image for a larger version.]

Nelson Surette      Nelson Surette, Canada's historian-in-art, was a celebrated painter of Acadian, marine, pastoral and historical subjects. Information on purchasing prints of his works can be found at his website.

The Harvest

Signing of the Oath

The Proclamation

Burn and Lay Waste

The Expulsion

The Return
Claude Picard
     Claude Picard completed a set of paintings on the Acadians.  The originals can be found at the Grand Pre National Historic Site.  A set of 6 postcards with these 6 images is available from the Acadian Memorial for $5.50.
Early Acadia
Oath of Allegiance

The Deportation Order
Ships Take Acadians Into Exile

Settlements Are Burned
Migrations and Return
George Rodrigue
     George Rodrigue, perhaps the most prominent Cajun painter today, creates works on numerous subjects.  He has created a Saga of the Acadians series on the Acadian-Cajun people, especially on their life in Louisiana.  Information on purchasing his works can be found at the official George Rodrigue website.  That site also lists galleries in south Louisiana where you can go to purchase prints.  A short explanation of the Acadian paintings can be found HERE. Some of his prints on Acadian-Cajuns can also be purchased online at the Gallery of Cajun History



First Cajuns - Acadie Au Revoir






No French to Be Spoken in School
Azor Vienneau

     Azor Vienneau did a series of paintings for the Nova Scotia Museum that appeared in the film, Premières Terres Acadiennes.  Though I've asked permission to use the images, they would require a monetary fee. 
     They are available for viewing online at the Nova Scotia Museum site.  So I've created links so that you can see them.   You can get prints of six of the images from the Nova Scotia Museum for a low price ... $6.95 for all 6 prints.
    • The Early Acadian Period in Nova Scotia
        • Repairing a Dyke
        • Saltmarsh Haying
        • Building a Home
        • Trading Goods
    • Nova Scotia Museum Info Sheets

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